Bou el Mogdad Podor SénégalBou el Mogdad Podor Sénégal

A Walk to the End of the Bou

It is quite difficult to come all the way to Podor with the Bou el Mogdad and to leave it without taking the time to discover its charm, its secrets and its surprises. The formula called “Balade au bout du Bou” (“a walk to the end of the Bou”) is offered as an extension of the cruise to allow those who finish it, and those who start it, to discover Podor and its surrounding region.

The proposed formula takes advantage of the charm and originality of the “Maison Guillaume Foy”, a two-century-old building registered in the National Heritage, located on the docks, facing Mauritania, refurbished with its original style and material (ochres, terracotta, galleries, wooden floors and ceilings, and its wide shaded courtyard) and turned into a guesthouse about ten years ago: l’Auberge du Tékrour (the Tékrour Inn). It is actually labelled “an ideal charming step” by the tourist guides.

The “Maison Guillaume Foy” focuses its activities towards local development, enhancing and protecting the heritage and the environment. Its owners carry out actions and develop partnerships in Podor and in the neighbouring villages on various activities. Many local inhabitants concerned about their city’s future work together with them.

As for the Tékrour Inn, their activities fit in perfectly with guest houses approaches with their table d’hôtes, the co-owners’ dedication, and many more details that aim at ensuring an enriching, warm and cosy stay. The team that work at the Inn which the Lonely Planet had a crush for, will be concerned at all time for your well-being and to make you discover Podor and its region.


THURSDAY: Cruise passengers’ arrival for the beginning or end of cruise


  • Arrival at Podor early afternoon with the Bou el Mogdad for those who finish the cruise Saint Louis-Podor: visiting the fort, the Maison Guillaume Foy and the market.
  • Arrival from Saint-Louis, by bus, for those who will cruise from Podor to Saint-Louis on Sunday: settling in the Auberge du Tékrour, then a drink on the boat with the newcomers.
  • Accommodation and dinner on board of the Bou el Mogdad (for the cruise passengers finishing their cruise)
  • Accommodation and dinner at the Auberge du Tékrour (for the next cruise passengers)

FRIDAY: Hiking towards Ngawlé


  • Leaving for Ngawlé after breakfast through the bend of the river. We will follow a path that we have marked, an old towpath at the beginning, which later meanders across the trees of the registered forest of Ngawlé and across the fields.
  • Two-and-a-half-hour-long walk and, at the end, the lovely village of Ngawlé by the river Senegal, a masterpiece of earthen architecture. Visiting and lunch in private home, simply and plainly: local dish, fruit and tea.
  • Possibility of a pirogue tour on the river, upon request
  • Coming back in carriage or chariot, depending on availability (20 minutes)
  • Accommodation and dinner at the Auberge du Tékrour (for everybody)

SATURDAY: Car tour and Morfil Island discovery


  • Leaving mid-morning to discover Morfil Island (formed by a river branch that gets separated 100km before Podor and binds itself again to it just after). Visiting earthen villages and late 19th-century mosques (Donaye, Guédé, Alwar), and irrigated perimeters. Strolling on the Senegal and Doué river banks, walking across the Guédé forest. Possible ferry crossing according to routes.
  • The tour, from Podor to Podor, is done by car with the hostel’s vehicle or a local transporter associated with the hostel, or even with both for groups. It lasts half a day, lunch included. It can be done in one way or the other.
  • Lunch on a mat in private home, in Donaye or pick-nick on a mat on the river banks.
  • Accommodation and dinner at the Auberge du Tékrour (for the cruise passengers arrived on Thursday by boat)
  • Accommodation and dinner on board of the Bou el Mogdad (for the next cruise passengers)

SUNDAY: Leaving by bus to Saint-Louis


  • Breakfast at the Auberge du Tékrour
  • Leaving early morning with your own vehicle or by a transfer that we can organize for you (ask us for the price)

The rates of the « Walk to the End of the Bou » include:

  • Both accommodations at the Auberge du Tékrour (Thursday and Friday for some, Saturday and Sunday for the others)
  • Evening meals (Thursday and Friday for some, Saturday and Sunday for the others)
  • Midday lunches on the field, during the hike and the tour (on a mat, in private home or pick-nick)
  • Technical assistance with a responsible organising guide
  • A vehicle for the tour

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